12 recommendations to implement a source-to-pay solution | #1 Keep your strategic alignment and assess your maturity

Anyone could advise you to clearly define your project before launching it. However, before defining and scoping the implementation of a solution you should assess and define the organization in which you want to implement it. By doing that, you will be able to build the strategic alignment between this IT project and your organization, and thus define a tailored project.

1st point to tackle is to identify how current processes will scope and structure the solution, and vice versa. Saying that, how to be sure that your organization is ready for blueprint? How to be sure that your current business will fit the solution, and inversely?

1. Understand your current context

Assessing your maturity is the 1st step of any organizational improvement. Based on various experiences within procurement organizations, we have created our own grid, strongly embedding the IT scope. Here below are the main axes of our maturity grid:

You must be assured that each theme above-mentioned is important, but especially:

  • The organization, in which the procurement function should be able to improve and bring innovation thanks to substantial procurement skills.
  • The IT landscape, which must be structured and managed through procurement mechanisms and solutions that allow suppliers involvement. (…).

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