12 recommendations to implement a source-to-pay solution | #2 Plan a global implementation strategy

During the first step, you have assessed your organization maturity and identified the actions to strengthen it. But above all, you now have a clear vision of your organization stakes and goals. It is now time to define your implementation strategy. The wider and more complex your organization is, the tougher and more critical your implementation will be, especially if your S2P project includes the implementation of new business processes or organization.

Although every S2P project is highly specific to a given company, some global steps are mandatory before kicking-off the project.   Then, what are the best practices regarding S2P project implementation?

1. Identify the core model

To follow your company strategic plan, having harmonized processes and solutions is a critical issue. For that reason, you must achieve a complete purchasing process review through your company, with pain points & potential improvements identification. Leading workshops to understand technical & business needs is also critical.

Finally, re-design processes to align them on the same core model. This diagnosis & definition phase is important since it will help you to build your process & solution core model, backbone of your S2P solution implementation. Global, specific and critical processes must be considered in that review phase. Involve major stakeholders into your workshops to avoid missing critical processes.

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