12 recommendations to implement a source-to-pay solution | #8. Build the right project team

In the previous section, we highlighted the importance of having high-quality data. To conclude this second part concerning readiness recommendations, it is now time to focus on one of the most important key success factors: building the right project team. The digitalization of the purchasing function is one of the key levers of performance which cannot be ignored. Implementing an S2P solution can directly contribute to successfully transforming the purchasing function. It must be kept in mind that having a strong project team influences the delivery of the procurement digitalization project. In a nutshell, this article will help you build a strong project team.

1. Create a successful team project

People from different horizons

The first step for building the right project team is to find the right team members.
In an S2P implementation project, diversity among the team members is one of the most important key success factors. The members of the team should have different backgrounds, such as past professional experiences, different positions, and levels. These different profiles with diverse values, coming from various horizons will have to work together harmoniously to achieve the same common goal. On the other hand, having complementary team members with different approaches is a good way to ensure all angles of the project are being apprehended.

The right mix of professional skills

Every S2P project has its specificities regarding scoping, budgeting, planning, resource mapping, etc. By considering these parameters, the composition of every project team must be tailored. The ideal S2P implementation team should be composed of the following profiles: Project Manager, business owner, Business Consultants and IT (software architect, developer, technical expert).

  • Project Manager:

The PM will oversee all the phases of the project and will be responsible for coordinating all the activities and resources of a cross-functional team. The PM must keep two major priorities in mind to ensure that the team reaches objectives: (1) Building a team spirit and encouraging the growing sense of belongingness among team members. (2) Making the effort to deep dive into the content and truly understand the requirements and how the solution is being designed.

  • Business owners:

Professional experts like buyers, purchasing managers, controllers, and accountants oversee and provide the business needs that will be implemented in the ‘Source-to-Pay’ process flow. The finance department is directly linked to the Procurement department as they share several aspects of the S2P processes. For example : budget allocations, approval matrix and invoicing.

  • Business Consultants:

Contracting with a business consultant will ease the process of gathering business needs and will bridge the gap between business and IT. The best suited profile for the Business consultant would be someone with Finance and Procurement Skills, change management experience and deep knowledge of the S2P solution being implemented. Finding a consultant with all of those skills is difficult. Therefore, contracting with a firm that will be able to provide a team comprising of different profiles would be a good practice.

  • IT:

The IT team should not own the project and must act as a Subject Matter expert with technical related activities ranging from collecting Master data to building interfaces and providing a guideline for future maintenance. They will also help during the cutover activities and possibly assign someone from the IT department to become the System admin.


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