The AI Lab

With the support of Jean-Luc Marini (AI Director) who leads the Lab IA, Axbility Consulting wants to “increase” the capabilities of its customers through AI.

What value proposition for the « AI Lab »?

  • With the support of Jean-Luc Marini (AI Director) who leads the AI Lab, Axbility Consulting want to increase the capabilities of our clients through AI.
  • AI Lab is an Axys Group entity designed to stimulate and accelerate innovation in AI
  • An « in house » business model

The AI Lab’s goals:

  • Imagine and co-design of use cases with clients and Business Experts of Axys Group practices
  • Demonstrate the advantages offered by machine learning
  • Increase the added value of our services thanks to the AI « As a Service »


How the AI Lab works?


Through this project, Axbility Consulting wishes to assert a « committed » vision of performance:

    • Be the bearer of a global and balanced vision of performance (financial, operational, social, environmental)
    • We want to develop the collective intelligence of our clients, their capacity to learn (capitalization, transformation) and their capacity for innovation thanks to the AI
    • A team composed of « Data » and « Techno makers »profiles
    • A dedicated Sandbox-type technical architecture (Data Lake & Cloud Platform)

Our ambition:

  • Carry out missions that respond to strong challenges for society in general and our customers in particular
  • Better take into account the aspirations of digital natives by allowing initiative and creativity
  • make Axys Group’s commitment to an « exceptional collective experience »

An open community around AI (participatory dynamics):

The « AI Lab » builds partnerships with leading schools and universities in the field of AI and joins networks of influence (competitiveness cluster and meetups involved in AI).

      • 12 march of 2019:Partnership with Audencia on scientific publications and joint research.
      • 7 june of 2019:Axys Group becomes a member of Cap Digital (a European competitiveness cluster that supports collaborative R&D, contributes to the dynamics of the Parisian digital creation industries) in order to offer our customers an environment conducive to innovation and to co-develop with members of Cap Digital.
      • 3 july of 2019:Signature of an agreement with Télécom Paris on the AI ​​in the service of the digital transformation.

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