[Study] Risk management in procurement departments. How to seize this opportunity?

The Covid-19 crisis highlighted a widespread failure in country risk management in view of difficulties in the supply of surgical masks and active ingredients for tests.
In light of this observation, Axbility Consulting is launching a major study to assess the maturity of Risk Management practices in procurement departments.

You are a Procurement Function professional or are more generally involved in the expenditure commitment process of your company. We invite you to contribute to this study and to take advantage of the exclusive distribution of the results, which will enable you to situate yourself in relation to market trends.

The answers will be analyzed anonymously by Axbility Consulting for restitution and publications from September and will not be used for other purposes.

If you wish to provide a testimony that can be included in the study or benefit from a personalized return in preview, you have the option of entering your email at the end of the survey.

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